Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rigor Mortis EP, life

Heya all. of course with my posts when i make new music, i have to ramble and talk about unrelated subjects. So the EP link is at the bottom.

Life with me is going...pretty good. I got my car yesterday. A 1996 Mitsubishi Montero. It has a bit of room and all that goodness. A crack in the windshield, a small bit pf other things. My mom thinks its disgusting but shes just a paranoid freak. It really is fine and not too dirty. I went to Butters to show him the car. We were going to leave to get some pizza, when the reverse wasnt working. His dad checked it out and said the alternator wasn't working. Soooo today, my grandpa came over randomly and bought me an alternator. He should buy the band some mac books and new guitars hahahaa kidding. The car works but we just need to replace that alternator and we'll be good. At night is when iam in trouble because the alternator will have to drain the battery to keep running. Vehicle talk, meh haha, i can understand how people can be fascinated by cars now, they're so complex and intriguing.

The EP i made is called Rigor Mortis, the name has to do with the decomposition of the body as it rots into nothingness. The rigor mortis stage is when the muscles begin to settle and the body starts to get very heavy. So i guess dying could be the theme of this EP. I think i blend noise and ethereal underwater magical goodness ok. The middle of the EP is suppose to fuck you up haha. anyways thanks for listening here it is.


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  1. Grant and I listened to this album the other day. I have to say it is my favorite by far that you have released! Great job on these jams!!!!