Thursday, July 9, 2009


I'am jamming to some Deerhunter-Cryptograms right now, haha it's pretty chill and dancy. I'am suppose to be cleaning my room right now, but oh well. I made some music last night, it's real noisy. It's really just a bunch of stuff i beat up, threw in audacity, added reverb, and shit on it, but its decent i guess.

I should put it up soon when i rename the tracks and all that goodness. It's thursday, i havnt eaten yet, i should soon.... I have to play a show tomorrow at Gallery Ass-hole. It's a love-hate relationship with it.

There was a house show....monday? It was Triads, Cuffs, and Gemini Cricket. We left after Cuffs though. Triads put on a good show, they played their punky, fast songs, so that was cool. Cuffs played their Jackson 5 cover "I Want You Back" again, very heart warming and soulful.

Life is pretty good, i'am not worried about anything really.... I did piss a friend off yesterday, which was dumb of me. The weird thing was that the conflict was over my genitals, yes my balls. I took my balls out, and people didn't take that too kindly. I wasn't really thinking at the time, i dont know. Maybe i'am too comfortable with myself and my surroundings? I dont know. or maybe i'am just rude.....haha


  1. Yeah I heard about that incident, oh well. Can't wait to hear the recordings. I haven't been able to write stuff yet, but I really want to do another EP with you. This time around we need to make it a little cleaner hahaha. Plus Elliot agreed to make album art, we'll just have to keep him updated so we wont have to pull together a random collage of pictures again haha.

  2. dude, grant and I agree that the artwork for this one is reminiscent of Terry Riley's Rainbow in Curved Air. Definitely. The tunes sound great by the way! Keep it up...