Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Yeeaaaa i am an extremely lazy person. i was suppose to cut the grass today, but i fell asleep at 8:30 am and then woke up at 6:30. Thankfully the rain came so i dont have to kill myself cutting the grass over those hills. I've always been a lazy person, even living with my grandparents who are very hard working people. I get my work done, but at the last minute. I guess i tend to work better when i am under pressure, eh whatever.

I'am listening to Pantha Du Prince, its really chill. Asha was very chimey and melodic. Listening to Saturn Strobe now. Its minimalistist dancey electronica. I like it a lot. Thanks Grant for giving me way too much music that i can handle =D

My mother commented on how skinny and thin i was after i got out of the shower. It bothered me and made me extremely uncomfortable. I've tried to gain weight, and i've tried various things, but it's really hard for me and i rather not eat a lot of greasy food. I could work out but meh..... I weigh only 95 pounds, ive never broken the 100 mark.

Since my sleep schedule is fucked ill be up all night, if i am not talking to my girlfriend i might end up making a shitty EP or some shitty shit shit balls

ahhh immaturity=youth


  1. my mom won't get off my case about how "thin" i look too. she thinks that by me being a vegan it is slowly killing me. apparently a lot of my family thinks the same thing. i just don't get it. how is me not eating meat a bad thing? what the fuck ya know? she just goes on and on about how strange it is. i've learned to ignore it. anyways, i'm working on some art right now for you and joseph's ep. i'll have it done by tonight!

  2. there's nothing wrong with being skinny, trust me being my weight isn't very fucking fun. If I keep up this way I'll eventually be a diabetic. Plus weight doesn't matter unless it gets so bad that it causes medical issues, be thankful you don't have too much fat mass, it'll allow for muscle mass to show a lot easier.

    I'm even considering going vegetarian when I move out (parent's can't support it financially, but they aren't against it).

  3. here ya go man