Monday, February 8, 2010


yea, its been quite awhile. so heyyyyya

ive been busy, as usual. cant wait for highschool to be over. i turned 18 on the 18th of January, feels good man. ive been sick this whole weekend so i had free time, so i put together this ep i guess, of songs ive been meaning to put out foreverrr.

in life, ive been trying to find a job, but no luck, it really is as hard as they say it is. but the whole month of december, i pretty much spent it in my room, or just hanging out with my cousins. they had to move from flordia because of a divorce. but things have been more uppity since they've been here.

winter is depressing, i feel like i can never get anything done, i cant wait for it to be over. iam trying to write new song material for the band, but its just mehhhh, too chordsy and not happy enough, i need to practice more.

been having friendship and relationship trouble, family trouble too. and being sick... so i guess i can understand how trying to be productive and creative with all this going on in the winter could be hard. iam suppose to go to college...ahhh iam excited and scared. i wont be moving out like i planned, but itll be easy if i just live with my mom and not worry about paying bills... cause i dont got a jobbb.

haha maybe iam just bitchin' too much i donttt knowwww.

on another note, i hope everyone else is doing ok. i really miss everyone. the Evans, Elliot, and other random internet people ive met. miss ya all. the show in la grange feels like years ago. but i wish you all good things and hope all is well. lets wait for march 20th to roll around, when our creativity is fresh and reborn, and we finally express ourselves to our fullest.

lurveeee and paaaaaaasssss~

(its a little weird, but its a mix of different stuff, mainly my weird creep noise)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mango kiwi

well heya. its been quite awhile let me tell you. iam not even on my computer. i havnt internet for god knows how long, but we finally got internet back, the only problem is we have no wireless router so technically i still have no internet. this is my step-dads compooter.

well ive been busy with people mainly, understanding different social interactions and becoming really good at learning how different people talk and such. ramble ramble ramble. my girlfriend and i of a year and a half, are taking a break, its weird, and a long story, technically we are still together but we are seeing different people.

i forget that iam still teenager and i need to post endless bulletins on myspace, buy unreadable hardcore shirts at hot topic, and have as much drama in my life as possible. but i digress.

i guess you could say i havnt been doing solo music stuff. Oodles will be playing at nerdacon friday. from 7 to 9 somewhere in between then. Joseph is the bassist now, dont know if ive told you 6 people, hahaha

the other day me and Joe were blasting Blackout Machine on this old Sanyo stereo i bought at a yardsale, ill maybe put the video up, its shitty, but it was 2 in the morning and quite hilarious.

with school, this girlfriend bullshit, oodles drama, porn, math rock obsessions, and coffee drinktationables, ive been pretty busy, iam not sure if i will return with releases and shit, let me give a shout out to the Evans, who make amazing music, i still rock your shit, i hope you guys are doing well. and to Elliot, i hope your doing well and all your lifeness is going alright.

i was suppose to do LSD today but the man has not contacted me, maybe the next i post on here, i will have done it, we'll see. in the mean time i leave you with this shitty recording i did last night at 2 in the morning. its just guitar, my monotone voice and some weird noise fucker. it sucks but iam still doing this, its called "sacrifice patience" because lately ive been giving too much of my patience out. whatever haha

love and peace for everyone, and good vibrations... muuuuchhhhhhho

Thursday, September 3, 2009


yeaaaaa feeling good mna. and great. hahahahaahahahaahahhahahaha. it only take this much, iam not sure. but what iam feeling right now is great, and i cant sleep so here is someeeee shit that iam going to wake up tomorrow and not know what the fuck went on.

fucking. the hair what leads to the hair what leads to the smell of you'll will get tired. and all up and all will get tired. and you'll will know mind over man. just lay down, dont give a fuck here some music how i feel. pudding your have nothing. the hair what leads to the pudding. pudding. honey. cat. eat it all up and you. as your have nothing. pudding youll will get tired. and all up and caress formed plastic youll will be clear, dont the smell of you type and caress formed plastic youll will get tired. GOODNIGHT

i was not on any drugs or mind altering substances when i made this post. free love~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taking Woodstock/Butter's B-day/

Today was Butter's early b-day Party. He is leaving Monday (his birthday) to go to Oregon, and i won't be able to see him day of leave, so today was the party day.He ordered a mac book, so expect to see some epic Oodles-ness in the future.

His family and me all went to eat at Moe's, i literally breathed in a cheese quesadilla, and got some awesome cheese dip( i know about all the cheese badness, you dont have to tell us twice haha) we then went to get our tickets for the movie. I being 17 thought that i could buy for Butter's ticket. You have to be 21 apparently. So his Mom drove and bought us the tickets for a later time. We then went to the mall, i got some headphones and then we went back to see Taking Woodstock.

I didnt want to talk too much about it on myspace. I will admit the movie is a little cliche, and it has parts that are, boring, long, awkward, and not needed. But it really was a good movie.

In the middle of the film, Elliot(Demetri Martin) besides to go to the Woodstock event after helping plan and work it out for days. He then meets two hippies and they all take acid together. They decide to chill in their van, and then he starts feeling it, seeing the colors, and everything blend in. I could feel the colors, ahh it was so great. The greatest part is when he goes outside, still feeling the acid, and he looking down at the concert at night, on top of the biggest hill. All the lights look like fireflies and shooting stars, so many colors colliding, moods, blending, interacting. It was so beautiful. Tears are running down Elliot's eyes at how beautiful the sight is, i wanted to cry too. It felt so good to see something so beautiful, it was breathtaking. I will never forget it.

It makes me want to do acid really bad haha. I wont be doing it anytime soon of course. But the day will come. Ah it was so great. Today was such a great day.

Love and Peace I love you all

sdfsdaf gaferginag

been playing this, pretty epic jazzy rock,

eating stale Hawaiian bread right now. its good.

so last night i did an acoustic set by myself. sick. with only knowledge of it wedensday. i wrote most of the lyrics in class when i had free time, and most of my practice time was Thursday and the day of. it wasnt the greatest, but i had a good time, and so did Chance who helped me on bass.

i have decided not to give a fuck anymore. that is whats keeping me down. i should care what people thought of me, or how bad i did, or how sick i was. i just need to do shit have fun and feel the good vibes. i need to become one with myself and express myself how i want to.

i did a horrible cover of Redemption Song by Bob Marley, iam sorry, ill make it up to you

aside from all that shitting embarrassing jazz, iam good. my friends have my back, and it feels good. you can do horribly, and suck so bad, but having your friends behind your back feels so fucking good.

i smell bad muhahahahahaa

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

whoooooaaa you know i make noise music, well i really like artists like Merzbow, some Aphex Twin, Mike Rich, Brian Eno. Noise and ambient stuff. Well i got into Merzbow's song, "I am coming to the Garden." on youtube it has this picture of a freakish figure. his eyes look bloody, and picture is just creepy. i actually like it though.

I was passing by and my sister was watching some anime convention thing on youtube. I decided to show her the Merzbow song. the picture freaked her out and she wouldnt look at the screen. Then i showed her my song, "Bad Memories Come in Waves" off of the FeatheryCigarAnalProbing EP. She held her blanket to her eyes and started freaking out. I didn't know my music would have that much effect on a person.

I'am playing some Locust Toybox right now, blaring it from my room to cheer her up, i feel bad that i scared her, but my intentions were not to scare her, i just wanted to see her reaction.

She was tearing up, but she wasn't like completely devastated, so i guess shes ok. In a way i am kind of glad that i could scare a person, that means my music has some effect on your emotions. I would really like it if people listened to my music and gave reviews on it. Like what they thought, felt, saw, when they listened to it. Especially the really dark music.

Well i am off. this is the last day of summer for me, it was fun. Playing shows, making music, meeting awesome people. Cheers to Summer 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

school. music

today(august 3rd) was cool. woke up, picked Butters up. We went to Gorilla guitars, messed around a bit, then we went to Picasso's Pizza. Helped a lady with her car, then Ralph, a homeless guy who hangs around downtown, was going to get jumper cables for us. weeeiirddddd. went to everything musicals, they're dicks, enough said. went back to Butterrzzz jammed a bit, then i saw my girlfriend for a bit, shes leaving for New Jersey tomorrow. I start school thursday.....ansy.....nervous. iam a senior now.

something is on my back, something itching me inside.
i cant tell a soul, i am bound by my lover
we're scared...we're worried...we don't know what will happen
i just hope for the best,because all i can do is hope
my life can't over, and neither can her's

sorry about that, i just feel really worried right now. well aside from all that things are ok...i got the album art from Elliot so Chikubi and I are releasing a new EP, entitled, Organic Dildo Goggles. check it out.(thanks for the EP art Elliot, the last song is for you)