Monday, February 8, 2010


yea, its been quite awhile. so heyyyyya

ive been busy, as usual. cant wait for highschool to be over. i turned 18 on the 18th of January, feels good man. ive been sick this whole weekend so i had free time, so i put together this ep i guess, of songs ive been meaning to put out foreverrr.

in life, ive been trying to find a job, but no luck, it really is as hard as they say it is. but the whole month of december, i pretty much spent it in my room, or just hanging out with my cousins. they had to move from flordia because of a divorce. but things have been more uppity since they've been here.

winter is depressing, i feel like i can never get anything done, i cant wait for it to be over. iam trying to write new song material for the band, but its just mehhhh, too chordsy and not happy enough, i need to practice more.

been having friendship and relationship trouble, family trouble too. and being sick... so i guess i can understand how trying to be productive and creative with all this going on in the winter could be hard. iam suppose to go to college...ahhh iam excited and scared. i wont be moving out like i planned, but itll be easy if i just live with my mom and not worry about paying bills... cause i dont got a jobbb.

haha maybe iam just bitchin' too much i donttt knowwww.

on another note, i hope everyone else is doing ok. i really miss everyone. the Evans, Elliot, and other random internet people ive met. miss ya all. the show in la grange feels like years ago. but i wish you all good things and hope all is well. lets wait for march 20th to roll around, when our creativity is fresh and reborn, and we finally express ourselves to our fullest.

lurveeee and paaaaaaasssss~

(its a little weird, but its a mix of different stuff, mainly my weird creep noise)