Wednesday, November 11, 2009

mango kiwi

well heya. its been quite awhile let me tell you. iam not even on my computer. i havnt internet for god knows how long, but we finally got internet back, the only problem is we have no wireless router so technically i still have no internet. this is my step-dads compooter.

well ive been busy with people mainly, understanding different social interactions and becoming really good at learning how different people talk and such. ramble ramble ramble. my girlfriend and i of a year and a half, are taking a break, its weird, and a long story, technically we are still together but we are seeing different people.

i forget that iam still teenager and i need to post endless bulletins on myspace, buy unreadable hardcore shirts at hot topic, and have as much drama in my life as possible. but i digress.

i guess you could say i havnt been doing solo music stuff. Oodles will be playing at nerdacon friday. from 7 to 9 somewhere in between then. Joseph is the bassist now, dont know if ive told you 6 people, hahaha

the other day me and Joe were blasting Blackout Machine on this old Sanyo stereo i bought at a yardsale, ill maybe put the video up, its shitty, but it was 2 in the morning and quite hilarious.

with school, this girlfriend bullshit, oodles drama, porn, math rock obsessions, and coffee drinktationables, ive been pretty busy, iam not sure if i will return with releases and shit, let me give a shout out to the Evans, who make amazing music, i still rock your shit, i hope you guys are doing well. and to Elliot, i hope your doing well and all your lifeness is going alright.

i was suppose to do LSD today but the man has not contacted me, maybe the next i post on here, i will have done it, we'll see. in the mean time i leave you with this shitty recording i did last night at 2 in the morning. its just guitar, my monotone voice and some weird noise fucker. it sucks but iam still doing this, its called "sacrifice patience" because lately ive been giving too much of my patience out. whatever haha

love and peace for everyone, and good vibrations... muuuuchhhhhhho