Saturday, August 29, 2009

Taking Woodstock/Butter's B-day/

Today was Butter's early b-day Party. He is leaving Monday (his birthday) to go to Oregon, and i won't be able to see him day of leave, so today was the party day.He ordered a mac book, so expect to see some epic Oodles-ness in the future.

His family and me all went to eat at Moe's, i literally breathed in a cheese quesadilla, and got some awesome cheese dip( i know about all the cheese badness, you dont have to tell us twice haha) we then went to get our tickets for the movie. I being 17 thought that i could buy for Butter's ticket. You have to be 21 apparently. So his Mom drove and bought us the tickets for a later time. We then went to the mall, i got some headphones and then we went back to see Taking Woodstock.

I didnt want to talk too much about it on myspace. I will admit the movie is a little cliche, and it has parts that are, boring, long, awkward, and not needed. But it really was a good movie.

In the middle of the film, Elliot(Demetri Martin) besides to go to the Woodstock event after helping plan and work it out for days. He then meets two hippies and they all take acid together. They decide to chill in their van, and then he starts feeling it, seeing the colors, and everything blend in. I could feel the colors, ahh it was so great. The greatest part is when he goes outside, still feeling the acid, and he looking down at the concert at night, on top of the biggest hill. All the lights look like fireflies and shooting stars, so many colors colliding, moods, blending, interacting. It was so beautiful. Tears are running down Elliot's eyes at how beautiful the sight is, i wanted to cry too. It felt so good to see something so beautiful, it was breathtaking. I will never forget it.

It makes me want to do acid really bad haha. I wont be doing it anytime soon of course. But the day will come. Ah it was so great. Today was such a great day.

Love and Peace I love you all


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  2. Ha ha. Sounds great dude. I hadn't even heard of Taking Woodstock.
    I guess after you get done watching dude's documentary, you should read the book Acid Dreams. It covers the same things as the documentary but it's a book.