Monday, August 3, 2009

school. music

today(august 3rd) was cool. woke up, picked Butters up. We went to Gorilla guitars, messed around a bit, then we went to Picasso's Pizza. Helped a lady with her car, then Ralph, a homeless guy who hangs around downtown, was going to get jumper cables for us. weeeiirddddd. went to everything musicals, they're dicks, enough said. went back to Butterrzzz jammed a bit, then i saw my girlfriend for a bit, shes leaving for New Jersey tomorrow. I start school thursday.....ansy.....nervous. iam a senior now.

something is on my back, something itching me inside.
i cant tell a soul, i am bound by my lover
we're scared...we're worried...we don't know what will happen
i just hope for the best,because all i can do is hope
my life can't over, and neither can her's

sorry about that, i just feel really worried right now. well aside from all that things are ok...i got the album art from Elliot so Chikubi and I are releasing a new EP, entitled, Organic Dildo Goggles. check it out.(thanks for the EP art Elliot, the last song is for you)

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  1. not a problem man!! it was fun getting to be a part of it. if you need anything else just let me know. i'm downloading RIGOR MORTIS now and then I'll be downloading the split. I'm very flattered that you would dedicate a song to me. I feel spoiled. You rock man! I'll get back to you after I listen to everything.