Saturday, August 29, 2009

sdfsdaf gaferginag

been playing this, pretty epic jazzy rock,

eating stale Hawaiian bread right now. its good.

so last night i did an acoustic set by myself. sick. with only knowledge of it wedensday. i wrote most of the lyrics in class when i had free time, and most of my practice time was Thursday and the day of. it wasnt the greatest, but i had a good time, and so did Chance who helped me on bass.

i have decided not to give a fuck anymore. that is whats keeping me down. i should care what people thought of me, or how bad i did, or how sick i was. i just need to do shit have fun and feel the good vibes. i need to become one with myself and express myself how i want to.

i did a horrible cover of Redemption Song by Bob Marley, iam sorry, ill make it up to you

aside from all that shitting embarrassing jazz, iam good. my friends have my back, and it feels good. you can do horribly, and suck so bad, but having your friends behind your back feels so fucking good.

i smell bad muhahahahahaa


  1. Sorry we couldn't make it. That would have been cool.
    You should check out the new Spiid album. You'll REALLY like it. It's on the Hooker Vision blog.
    Can't wait for the 19th!