Monday, July 20, 2009

crazy weekend

it has been a pretty crazy weekend. i woke up at 3pm friday, chilled as usual, got some really cheap mango drinks at Big Lots, very good for you, all the vitamins and such. Then i came back home and ate some pizza.

3am rolled around and i went and chilled with my friends, i was suppose to go to bed at midnight but mehhhhh. 5am came around and i picked my Butters up, we were having a yard sale. we came back to my house and set up, it was pretty good, made a good bit. my grandpa came over and we worked on the yard a little, then he left. at 1 pm we packed everything up and me and Butter's went to Moe's. It was pretty funny because we found an old pink wig in my shed, he wore the wig and a scarf to Moe's, and pretty questions and concerns about his sexuality arose. Moe's was good, we're both vegetarians so me and Butter's had a good feast, the salsa was superb.

We dropped him and i went to get my new phone, it has a keyboard its pretty cool. it was around 3pm so i was up for 24 hours, but i didnt care haha. We then picked my sister up at Paris', i said hey to her, it was all goooood. Came back home, my friend Austin picked me up, we went to FortBenning, then the museum, then the south side, in the ghetto, then to chuckie cheese, dollar tree, kmart, and then we went to his girlfriends, they chatted for a bit, i was dropped off at my friends, and then i walked home. i then passed out hahaha

I should work on some new stuff soon, i usually complete EP's or songs in a couple of hours. Bursts of productivity, which is a good and bad thing i guess.


  1. Your day today makes me jealous to the maxxxxx! I miss my youth :( Reading this entry brought extreme solace to me though. I felt as though I spent the day with you. The pink wig section was awesome. As far as being overly productive that is ALWAYS good...never bad. At my opinion it is not. I guess it all depends on yourself and/or your audience. As long as you are enjoying the work that's all that matters man. I've loved everything I've heard so far and I look forward to many more releases.

  2. yes it was quite the adventurous day! the rest of this week has been pretty bland though. But our Oodles show tomorrow should liven my spirits. I have a new song idea right now so ill be making that. Iam thinking of making a single @_@

  3. Hey mang. I thought you might enjoy checking out these two blogs:

    Good luck at the show tonight!

  4. Man, I hate it I'm going to miss that show. I've gotta head to Pine Mountain this weekend as well as LaGrange to put some of these boxes in storage. Bleh. I look forward to your new song man.